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The Manager’s Toolkit

Improving Management Skills Development

Our Manager’s Toolkit programme provides a strong foundation for enhancing management skills. We upskill, enhance and elevate manager leadership capabilities through a tailored delivery. As a result, your leaders can unlock increased productivity and inspire motivation within the team. Furthermore, the Manager’s Toolkit programme offers practical insights into the diverse skill set, essential for effective managerial roles. This makes the Manager Toolkit an ideal choice for:

  • Managers promoted to their post without formal training
  • Individuals who want to move into a managerial role
  • High-potential staff who have not been given the opportunity to develop
  • Skilled technical staff who lack management experience or training
  • Managers in a post for a long time without formal training or without ‘refresher training’
  • Managers and staff who lack confidence in their ability
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As part of the programme, we look at how to manage others to achieve results, including:

  • A systematic approach to delegation
  • An appreciation of the key interpersonal skills involved in managing teams and individuals
Management Skills Development Toolkit

In short, this is an excellent programme for any manager looking to expand their existing leadership skills, learn new approaches and most importantly, lead their teams to higher productivity and overall success. Additionally, we offer a version of The Manager’s Toolkit which has been specifically adapted to be run entirely online.

The Benefits of The Manager’s Toolkit

  • Breaking down the roles and responsibilities of management
  • Practical insights into the diverse skillset essential for effective management
  • Tools and techniques you can apply in your own workplaces
  • An expanded professional network

What Does Future Proof Learning Provide?

  • A focus on the role of a manager, including delegation, feedback, communication and managing people
  • A focus on coaching skills, developing staff and inspiring motiviation

At Future Proof Learning, we can customise the delivery of the Manager’s Toolkit sessions to match your business needs. Whether you prefer face-to-face sessions, for example spread across two days, or opt for a virtual format, which could consist of three, three-hour sessions, we have the flexibility to accommodate your preferences.

With a proven history of successful outcomes, our dedicated coaches are passionate about fulfilling your personal and professional goals through workshops focussed on leadership, management, influencing, well-being and resilience.

Our Clients Said...

“It exceeded what I was expecting. I really felt that every aspect covered was of value and relevant.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is delivered in a very natural and friendly way. We are given time to discuss topics and gently guided through each day.”

“I thought the content was useful, trainers were both excellent, easy to talk to and nothing felt forced……..even the roleplay was bearable!”

“Provides useful tools that can be used daily to increase overall effectiveness as a manager and how to motivate and get the best from the team.”

To find out more about our Manager’s Toolkit programme, please contact us, book a call or schedule a free coaching session here with David, our Director.

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